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Pelican S100 Backpack Review

2016 Update: I revisited this review after a year and a half of putting the Pelican through all of the pain I’d anticipated, and then some. Read the eighteen month review here.

Installing Android Studio on OSX Yosemite

I’ve been toying with the idea of working through a couple of Android developer tutorials since I grabbed the Moto 360 and started having a lot of “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” wearable moments. Google’s new Android studio is just out of beta, and is intended as a replacement for the aging Eclipse + Android plugin combo everyone’s been using so far. We’ll be seeing an increasing number of tutorials switching to Android Studio in the coming months since support for the Eclipse plugin was just dropped, so this is definitely the best way to start with Android.

Drawing Triangles in CSS

As we write more front-end code, we tend to learn several ways to solve any given problem. As a result, we grow increasingly confident about our ability to solve a problem, and less confident that we've architected the correct solution to that problem.

Uber in India

Uber's launch in major Indian cities is turning into a textbook model both for disruptive technology and in predicting conventional (and a few unconventional) responses to it. Uber (and a competitor, Lyft) took off in most US cities after I left to travel through India in 2011, so I've been watching from afar as that particular business model has evolved into one of the most controversial new technology buzzwords of the current tech startup ecosystem. With Uber's recent entrance in the Indian market and a very rapid growth model over the past year, there's a lot to learn.