Drupal: Towards A Disaster Recovery Process

This article outlines my discovery phase for working with organizations that are starting to create disaster recovery processes for a website or web app. I’m usually dealing with things built on Drupal, but this approach is general enough to work for any CMS-backed website and most web apps. I’m focusing more on developing robust processes than on the actual tech here.

Drupal: Security vs. Disaster Recovery

For most projects, security is not the answer.

Cloud9, Jekyll and Github

How to combine the speed and simplicity of Jekyll with the thin-client benefits of authoring code (and content) in the cloud, in five minutes.

Split Screen On The Nexus 9 With Android N

Android N has one feature that completely changes authoring (code or text) on Android devices lucky enough to have gotten the update: split screen multi-tasking. A quick walkthrough on how to enable Android N’s split screen feature on the Nexus 9, and a few of the ways I’ve been using this since the official Android N release landed last week.

Drupal vs. Jekyll

One of the questions I’ve been asked recently is why I rebuilt this site in Jekyll instead of Drupal, when almost all of my current consulting work involves Drupal site-building and front-end code. It seems appropriate to use the same solutions we build for clients; shouldn’t Drupal be good enough for me too?