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Case Study

Midwest Business voted Progress Illinois the number one political blog in Illinois a few weeks prior to the '08 election, and the site garnered front page mentions on Daily Kos and the Huffington Post within a few weeks of launch.Read more about the project and how two current Nonprofitable.org team members contributed here.


Project management and the art of context switching

To describe the problem, briefly: context switching is what happens when multiple projects and responsibilities get handed to one individual. If you work in the nonprofit sector, you're thinking "Multiple projects and responsibilities being handed to one individual? Never!" ...because if you're been there, you know you're so overworked that it's now beyond a sad joke.

Drupal at the Flourish Conference

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the fourth annual Flourish Open Source conferenc at UIC. At prior Flourish events, I've helped organize a coding sprint and led a project to develop a Drupal-based website for a local nonprofit organization, using drop-in volunteers at the event. I got on board with this year's event a little late in the process, but I was still hoping for a significant Drupal-interested turnout.


Over the past ten years, I've seen the nonprofit tech sector grow by leaps and bounds. We attend conferences, increasingly savvy clients come in already asking for Drupal or CiviCRM, and nonprofit-focused consulting is proving a viable business model for a rapidly growing number of organizations (including ours!). The technology, too, has evolved tremendously; the Drupal-based sites we consider "standard" today would have been impossibly expensive even three years ago.

From the blog

"I tried to do it at work but work got in the way of work." -Faith Swords

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From the Flourish Conference.

Ashok, small business owner, west Chicagoland suburbs.