Dave Chakrabarti builds websites for nonprofits, startups, and institutions. Usual roles involve project management, site building, and authoring front-end code. He's been working with the Drupal CMS since 2005.

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Recent Posts

Drupal Training in Afghanistan

I'm currently in Afghanistan, handling training and mentoring operations for 11 university websites and the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education.

Afghanistan Field Test: Samsung Chromebook Plus

New for 2017, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is a surprisingly good teaching tool, even under less-than-ideal conditions in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Drupal: Disaster Recovery Planning

This article outlines my discovery phase for working with organizations that are starting to create disaster recovery processes for a website or web app. I'm usually dealing with things built on Drupal, but this approach is general enough to work for any CMS-backed website and most web apps. I'm focusing more on developing robust processes than on the actual tech here.

Drupal: Security vs. Disaster Recovery

For most projects, security is not the solution.

Cloud9, Jekyll and Github

Combining the speed and simplicity of Jekyll with the thin-client benefits of authoring code (and content) in the cloud, in five minutes.
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