Dave Chakrabarti builds websites for nonprofits, startups, and institutions. Usual roles involve project management, site building, and authoring front-end code. He's been working with the Drupal CMS since 2005.

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Split Screen On The Nexus 9 With Android N

Android N has one feature that completely changes authoring (code or text) on Android devices lucky enough to have gotten the update: split screen multi-tasking. A quick walkthrough on how to enable Android N's split screen feature on the Nexus 9, and a few of the ways I've been using this since the official Android N release landed last week.

Drupal vs. Jekyll

One of the questions I've been asked recently is why I rebuilt this site in Jekyll instead of Drupal, when almost all of my current consulting work involves Drupal site-building and front-end code. It seems appropriate to use the same solutions we build for clients; why isn't Drupal be good enough for me too?

Chromebooks For Developers

The thin client returns.

Installing Grunt For OSX El Capitan

Grunt, or any task runner for that matter, tends to be something we install once and forget about. Till an OSX upgrade breaks stuff, of course, and then we frantically look through our installation notes and wade through dependency / permission hell trying to figure out what went wrong. After discovering that my Homebrew installation was borked and reinstalling it from scratch, I figured a clean reinstall of Grunt was the way to go.

Gutter Colors For Sublime Text

The premise is so simple you'll wonder why every IDE doesn't do this by default: for any line of CSS that includes a reference to a color, this will place a small dot of that color in the gutter next to the line numbers. If you work on Other People's Code, especially, this can save you a lot of pain tracking down nested overrides in Chrome's dev inspector.
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