Consulting Services

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I build Drupal websites, author custom front-end code (usually Drupal themes), and sometimes handle light sysadminly tasks.


I’ve been building things with Drupal since my VISTA fellowship in ‘05. My roles mostly involve front-end code, project management, client management, content strategy, site building, and training. I’m interested in nonprofit or small business Drupal projects, or playing front-end and site-building roles on larger projects.

Front-End Development

For larger custom projects or for Drupal themes, I author HTML, CSS, and some Javascript, mostly using the jQuery library. When necessary, I’ve also worked with Wordpress and Expression Engine, and I’m experimenting with client microsites built on Jekyll.


I handle corporate and nonprofit training engagements ranging from quick content management and strategy overviews to in-depth Drupal development, deployment, and maintenance training for consulting teams.

I’m especially interested in Drupal training in communities not typically well-served by technology consulting, such as nonprofit organizations working with the Tibetan government in exile in Dharamshala, India, or women’s self defense campaigns in Calcutta, India.


Originally an accidental sysadmin, I now build and manage VPS instances, automate deployments with Ansible, and harden production environments. Last year, I implemented disposable development environments at a small social media startup using Vagrant, and I’m interested in better devops workflows using Vagrant more effectively with Ansible.


For smaller clients and community groups who can’t budget for a sysadmin, I occasionally provide hosting on a production VPS along with a maintenance, security, and disaster recovery retainer.