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Nonprofit Website Development

Website development refers to implementing, customizing, and deploying the functionality your organization's website project requires. This can range from a quick stock installation of a content management system to highly customized software applications for nonprofits with larger budgets and more unique or sophisticated requirements, such as database integration.

Our website developers and implementers have several years of experience developing scalable, affordable solutions for nonprofit organizations at all budget levels. Most of our work in recent years has been focused on the Drupal content management system, allowing us to leverage community-developed solutions to deliver powerful functionality for a fraction of the cost of a proprietary or fully custom project.

You'll find that many of your project's requirements are addressed by our affordable standard deployments, including fully editable content and menu structures, multi-author blogging, multilingual content workflows, and deep analytics integration with the industry standard Google Analytics.

On the more esoteric end, our team members have also suggested, architected, and built a fully integrated phonecasting system for a major public radio station, allowing users to call in with their cell phones to create live podcasts on the organization's website in response to broadcast content.

Let us know what your project's goals are, and we'd be happy to chat about what we can contribute.

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